I’m often asked what is my theme, what is my style?

When I entered into the Instagram world, I took on advice from others that it’s best to have a theme and a colour palette.  That would make marketing myself easier, apparently.  Maybe it’s true however what if I don’t have a name for my work, what if I don’t like sticking with a colour palette, and what if I like different looks and techniques?  Where do I fit?

I started following other photographers and one in particular (whom I will not name), who publishes amazing photos!  I remember being struck by the vivid colours that he edited into his nature scenes.  I thought they were awesome but after a while I felt bored seeing the same style over and over and over again.  I found myself starting to ignore them in my Instagram feed.

Am I unusual in feeling this way?  I know I’m unusual in a lot of other ways 😊.

I like to experiment with different elements. I love the abstract.  I love nature. I love my macro lens. I love shooting portraits of people and bringing out the emotion, not the person.  I like dark photos, I like light and bright, I like black and white, and I love using different subjects.  If I stuck to one theme, I’d bore myself to death.

I know that many artists lean towards a particular style, and I guess then that mine is macro photography, although to me, everything is interesting when captured in an artistic way. I like to bring life to the subject, a subject that normally maybe missed or overlooked.  I hope that the focus will bring out its beauty and purpose.

I do some Real Estate Photography and I get excited about taking a photo of the furniture in an artistic way.

I love to take shots of parts of rooms, giving prospective buyers some space to imagine what the rest of the room would look like, or start dreaming about how they would decorate it.  It’s not just about taking a photo of a room; it’s about sewing a seed to start an emotional attachment with the buyer imagining themselves in their new home. 

So, in saying all that, what is my theme, what box do I fit in?  I don’t know, maybe you can help me? 😊